bill purvis

Advanced Certificate of Commercial Photography from Croydon College of TAFE (1993)

My passion for photography is its history. With a duration of less than 200 years from daguerreotypes,  the technological advances in silver halide photography, now the realm of artists and purists, to today's digital imagery.

A small start in collecting cameras focused an interest in the images taken and  a collection of most types of photographic media and ephemera developed. My  collecting interest now is photo books.

My interest in sports photography came from assisting Kodak as a student at the 1993 F1 Grand Prix in Adelaide, working casually for Atkins Racing Photography on weekends, and my sons pursuit of the game of field hockey.

My appreciation for the athleticism, skill, speed and courage and the great action shots provided by field hockey led to an outlet as the club photographer for Adelaide Hockey Club. I was awarded life membership of the club for my services as club photographer.

My first  photograph  published internationally in The Hockey Paper (UK) is my cover photograph.